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Right now I’m reading Making History, by Stephen Fry, and enjoying it a lot! Also recently read Summer People by Brian Groh, which was was sorta ok, not great, but readable. Oh, and a new-to-me Dick Francis novel, Under Orders. I thought it was a lot better than his other recent books! It was fun to meet up with Sid Halley again.

Henry and I are listening to the unabridged recording of Wolf Brother, by Michelle Paver, read aloud by Ian McKellen. The Guardian Unlimited UK is podcasting these marvelous recordings for free! The book is fabulous — beautifully written, exciting, great characters. (No wizards and dragons, for a change) Henry and I listened to episodes 5 and 6 in the car this morning and were absolutely on the edges of our seats. Having it read aloud to us by Ian McKellen is an unbelievable treat. Thanks, Guardian, and a BIG thanks to Chris Hughes, the readear, for pointing us in the right direction! (I’d like also to mention that McKellen does not “do voices,” which pleases us very much.)

Oooo just found this interview with the author at!

I don’t like messages in books,” she concludes, firmly. “The aim is just to tell a stonking good story,”

And she has.

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  1. Christine

    I just finished Making History a couple of weeks ago – I really enjoyed it. At first I couldn’t really see where it was going to go, but then it all started to make sense.
    And it’s written in an interesting way so it’s good. Let us know what you think when you’re done!

  2. kara

    Heheh, I saw where it was going the moment he found the orange pill in his shoe — but I’m notorious for being able to predict plots. I’ve just gotten to the second half now, where he wakes up in Princeton. His panicky confusion is so vivid!

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