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Sixteen morsbags!

Henry and I finished making our morsbags today:


Nice, eh? Total cost: $11, plus part of a spool of thread and a fabric marker. We’re ready to give them away to friends and family, though I think we’ll keep one of each to augment our trunk-of-the-car canvas bag collection. I shop about twice a week, so I figure that each cloth bag I use keeps about 104 paper or plastic bags a year out of the environment. And I fill, oh, four to six bags per trip. The numbers are staggering.

Visit for more info and a simple pattern. Kristen’s really great non-verbal instructions here:

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5 Responses to “Sixteen morsbags!”

  1. Kristin

    Wow, awesome job Kara :)

  2. kara

    Thanks! I’ll send you a few if you think you’d use them.

  3. Betsie

    Oooh Grooovy!

    Here’s a tip that I learned in 7th grade home economics class for making the bottom of the bag flat so that it will sit up better. I’m not sure how to describe that exactly, but here is an example of how to do it: (in step 5: essentially, sewing across the bottom corners to make the bag have a flat bottom)

  4. kara

    Yeah I did the flat-bottom on a couple of the striped bags, but I decided I liked them plain better. Although, on those bags I increased the size of the side pieces to allow for the flat bottom without changing the side dimensions of the finished bag, so the capacity was increased and they seemed TOO big. So maybe I’ll dog-ear the bottom of one of the finished flat bags and see how it goes :)

  5. Rowen

    Those look cool! :) I shall have to get some material I think and make a few of my own. :D

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