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Not enough yarn

Ravelry member Quietish (Ravelry’s not public yet, so here’s her flickr page) has designed a spiffy little knitted Gryffindor bag:
gryffindor bag

She’s writing out charts for all four houses, and I volunteered to test-knit the Ravenclaw bag for her (Henry likes Ravenclaw best). On Thursday we drove down to the yarn store in Encinitas and found something that’s probably DK weight (Dalegarn Heilo and Dalegarn Tiur). They didn’t have both colors in one yarn so I’ll have to mix. Bought two 50-gram balls, blue and grey. I knitted steadily all day today and have reached row 54 of the 73-row chart, and can see that I’ll run out of yarn long before I finish. Grr. I think the yarn store is open tomorrow, which is good, but that means I have to drive all the way down there again and buy more yarn that isn’t quite the right kind of yarn and it makes me cross.

Well anyway here’s how the bag looked earlier today:

I’ve actually gotten up near the top of the shield by now.

I’m also feeling a bit insecure about my fair isle skillz. I’m perfectly comfortable with basic small repeating patterns, but the large solid areas have me a little bit worried. I’m leaving plenty of slack in the floats, but the edges of the bird shape look pretty wormy. I hope some tweaking and a good firm blocking will make everything look nice in the end.

Nose still running.

WoW guild event this morning — a triathalon: get a brand-new character to level 6; fish for ten Mud Snappers, then duel with other guildies. Lots of fun!

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5 Responses to “Not enough yarn”

  1. Kathy

    You are so creative, Kara! That’s great!

  2. Rowen

    Wow that is amazing, how difficult is the pattern? I may have to look at one day doing a Slytherin one for my friend. Once I’ve finished all my other projects….

  3. Rosemary

    I wondered when I saw your Ravelry project page for this if you’d run out of yarn.. I hope they still have more of what you need.

    If it makes you feel better, my fair isle always looks wonky and stuff until I block it. Then it’s usually ok ;)

  4. kara

    Yeah I even matched the dye lots :)

    Let’s hope blocking un-wonkifies mine, too, though now that I’m twisting at the edges it looks a lot less wormy.

  5. sarah

    i’m in LOVE with those bags!!!

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