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ravenclaw bag — blocking

Finished knitting today and now it’s blocking in the sunshine. I used coated florist’s wire to hold the edges in shape. Not entirely happy with my colorwork — got bad bad bad advice from yarn store lady (twist yarns at color changes on the shield section), when all I really had to do was tighten up the tension on my floats a little bit. I stopped twisting and started being more careful about tension (too loose is as bad as too tight!) about halfway up the wing. Starts looking better there. Hope to get it completely finished tomorrow!

Feeling really rotten today, rough cough, stuffy head, bleah.

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  1. Kristin

    Well it looks great to me! I’m glad you chose blue and silver, it looks great. I’m considering knitting a Gryffindor one some day.

  2. Betsie

    I love those colors too… though, I’m not sure that the center image was very well designed (i.e. I can’t really tell what it is)… The yarn store lady’s advice wasn’t really bad advice, it is common advice to twist the carrying yarn so that it doesn’t leave a long snaggable float across the back.. but if you found another way that works better for you, that’s what really matters… there really is no right or wrong way… just ways that work better for some people than others =) What will the other side of the bag look like?

  3. Annie

    Ooo, it’s lovely Kara, I think the colorwork turned out just fine! Feel better soon.

  4. kara

    Heheh, Bestie, people always misunderstand what the yarn-store lady told me… I know all about catching the long floats. What she said was to twist the yarns around each other (into a knot) at the edges of the color changes, the way you would in intarsia (well, because you go back the other way in intarisa, it doesn’t make a knot but when you keep going the same way, it does). But because it’s NOT intarisa, the knot forces the colors to actually spread APART there, though the stitches remain snug and well-formed.

    The other side is identical (it’s knit in the round).

    Thanks Annie and Kri!

  5. Michelle

    It’s certainly better than any product I could turn out…looks very good to me, Kara! Are you going to make-up the Slytherin and Hufflepuff ones, too?

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