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Penny Socks, in progress

I realized that I have plenty of Brittany Birch needles size 0, so I decided to make the Penny Socks in parallel. I figured out how to do both cable crossings, regular and coin, without a cable needle!



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  1. Annie

    Last month I splurged and got extra sets of DPNs in sock sizes so I’ll always be able to do both socks at once. When you change something, you don’t have to write it down or remember it for the next one; when you finish you have a pair and no orphan socks; and, yes, I have gauge issues and this helps me keep consistent! You’re just hooked on cables these days, eh? What is the yarn?

  2. kara

    Yeah, this pattern is not clearly written, so when I have to guess, at least I can guess on both socks at once and not have to remember! It’s Regia 4-ply, mostly wool with a little nylon. It’s fingering weight — the pattern calls for sport weight but fingering brings the size down for me.

  3. Kathy

    That looks gorgeous! What excellent workmanship, too.

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