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On Thursday night, Mom and I went to see Hamlet at the Old Globe Theatre in Balboa park. It was just wonderful! I thought Polonius was especially good; his timing was exquisite, and, while he was rather muddled he never seemed stupid. Um, I could go on and on but you might as well just read this glowing review. And I do agree with the review about Ophelia’s “two gestures that reduce the mystery of her madness”. Those gestures (heck, no one who reads this is going to mind spoilers — she cradles her obviously pregnant belly in the Mad Scene) felt false and unnecessary to me. But really, that was the only part of the entire show that bothered me. It was a magical performance.

Here’s a picture of the theater (though our show was in the other, less impressive building, heh):


And the nearby Museum of Man:


Mom, looking exactly like Grandpa:


And me:


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  1. Kathy

    Great photos! I miss you and I miss San Diego!

  2. Black Griffon

    After listening to a few of your recordings, I felt I had to find this blog and pay my respects. The accent that would have been an irritation in another, is a delight in your voice.

  3. kara


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