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I’ve just installed Subscribe to Comments 2.1. If you leave a comment, you should be able to check the “subscribe to comments” box and be notified of follow-up comments on that post. Handy for extended discussions of knitting and books :) Give it a try and let me know if it works!

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  1. Dan Parsons


  2. kara

    So now we’ll see if you are notified of this comment…

  3. Annie

    Thanks for the heads up Kara!

  4. kara

    No prob! I wish every blogger would install this plug-in. I don’t like to miss out on conversations!

  5. Annie

    I know, me too! Sometimes I’ll post a question in a comment and if the person doesn’t reply by email I probably won’t thing to go back and check for a reply. I’m guilty of this myself as a blogger so I’m glad to have this plugin for my readers!

  6. Kristin

    Just so you know, some blogs have a comments RSS feed, which allows you to subscribe to a feed which shows you all of the comments made to that blog in the order they’re made. Kara’s is here: If you read a blog regularly, see if they provide a link to that feed if they don’t have this feature.

  7. kara

    Ha! That’s neat, Kristin :)

  8. Annie

    Thanks for pointing that out Kristin!

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