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Beach video

We went to the beach for an hour this morning. I finally remembered to take my camera! Sorry the voice-over is so quiet. We’ll do better next time :)

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  1. Amy

    Looks like fun!! What a great P.E. program you all have! ;)

  2. Annie

    So fun, I’m jealous! :)

  3. Chris Hughes

    Bea and I both loved your movie. The beach looks lovely!

  4. kara

    We plan to go tomorrow, want to come? :)

  5. Dan Parsons

    So cool! The video sure loaded fast! :)

  6. kara

    Why, yes, yes it does :) It’s hosted at eyespot, where we cobbled together the clips and added the audio. Nifty!

  7. Chris Hughes

    We’ll be there as soon as we either find a supply of floo powder, or get Bea’s apparate spell working.

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