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Henry brought a Go set home yesterday and we played a lot today. Fun! Read about it on his blog.

Also did a mega-super-grocery shopping together.

Um, we did lots of other stuff today but too tired to think so that is all for now.

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  1. Lindsay


    Just finished listening to a chapter of Mansfield Park that you read (lovely job!) and was intrigued that you gave your personal url, so I came to check things out.

    Once here, I was shocked to see that we’ve been living parallel lives! Knitting, BoingBoing, games, OkGo, other geeky tech things… plus I have a new and developing love for Librivox.

    So, mostly wanted to say hi. :) My blog doesn’t reflect as much of my life as yours does, but I’m happy to cyber-meet you. I’ll be looking to record (so to give back, as they say) for Librivox in the coming future.

    Take care,

  2. kara

    Hi Lindsay, thanks for the nice comments! It’s nice to meet you :) When you join the LibriVox forum, be sure to send me a message!

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