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Thursday morning

We watched the first two episodes of BSG season 3 last night, so of course I had anxiety dreams all night and woke up too early. Bah.

Here are some photos:

I turned the heels on both of the gray penny sock mods a couple of days ago:


Heel detail:


Also made ten more morsbags over the last few days. The eight green ones are from an old fitted queen-size sheet that Mom didn’t want, and the polka-dotted ones are some scarps that Margaret gave me:


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4 Responses to “Thursday morning”

  1. Aaron

    You’re the 5th cylon model, aren’t you? :)

  2. kara

    Yeah, I’m the other hot blonde ;-)

  3. Aaron

    I thought the hot redhead. Great, now that I said that Dan is going to be knocking on my door> :)

  4. Kristin

    I love the socks, they look like they’ll be really comfy when you’re done :)

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