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Nice weekend

It was a nice weekend. I finished six orange morsbags on Saturday and made five more flowered ones on Sunday, while listening to the LV community podcast, the LV new releases podcast, The Return of Sherlock Holmes and Loveline (Seth Green!). Also cataloged five new Librivox books:

Balzac, Honoré de. “Letters of Two Brides”
Buchan, John. “Greenmantle”
Davis, Noah. “Narrative of the Life of Rev. Noah Davis, A Colored Man, A”
Field, Eugene. “Love-Songs of Childhood”
Harris, William Shuler. “Life in a Thousand Worlds”

A nice variety there, something for everyone. Yes, at long last, the Letters are done! And there was much rejoicing! According to, it has already been “Downloaded 1,510 times” so someone out there must like Balzac better than Shell and I do.

And I recorded three chapters of More William (still need to edit two of them) and I baked bread, and I watched the end of BSG s3 with Dan (great last episode!), oh, and Henry was home for a few hours on Saturday while his dad played music somewhere. We all watched Star Wars. All the lameness is pretty much redeemed by the presence of Alec Guinness (somehow he’s able to make those stiff ridiculous lines sound good) and the great dogfight space battle at the end, in which stiff ridiculous lines don’t matter.

Also tried my hand at a couple of LV tutorial screencasts. I think I need to turn down the quality (over a gig for 11 minutes??) and maybe not let the window follow the mouse movements. Or not move my mouse around so quickly. I don’t want to cause motion sickness.

And my mitts are done but for the last thumb ribbing. Photos soon!

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  1. Kristin

    I tried doing some LV screencasts once too, but had a hard time with file sizes as well. I’m just not nearly as familiar with video formats as I am with audio.

  2. Kristin

    I thought you might find this video interesting for the morsbags. What I’m showing you is the material they use to make stuff, not the actual bag. They fuse shopping bags or trash bags together to make a strong plastic material you can sew.

  3. kara

    Hey, that’s a great tip, Kri! Is there anyone more adorable than Bre Pettis? I don’t understand why I’ve never subscribed to the Make and Craft podcasts… I should go do that.

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