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Flight of the Conchords

I’d heard Dr. Drew say that Flight of the Conchords was hilarious, and then I bumped into a few more mentions online somewhere, so over the weekend I gave it a try. Apparently they perform live and have had a BBC radio series, as well as the recent 12-episode HBO series (and another season coming up in 2008). Here’s their HBO page.

It took me two or three episodes before I began to love the show, but now I’m fairly obsessed. I’ve been looking forward to watching episode five all day. It’s sort of a The Office/Mighty Boosh kind of thing… Not as funny as Boosh but not as painful as the Office. The characters are nerdily appealing, and the band’s only groupie, Mel, is a riot and reminds me very much of the obsessive fans of a certain local band.

Over the weekend, Dan and I worked on the OK GO song, Do What You Want. I can sorta drum (and sorta sing/bray at the same time), and he’s pretty good at the guitar. He found some mediocre tab online and desuckified it, don’t think he posted it online yet though. All we need is for Henry to get good at the bass! It’s a really fun song.

I started Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker over again on Saturday. Twilight Princess is awesome, amazing, beautiful, thrilling, don’t get me wrong, but I think for sheer fun, the Wind Waker wins. It was the first modern console game I ever beat, back in, what, 2003? I had a heck of a time back then, even the with beginning quests and dungeons, but now I’m a much more skilled gamer and I blew through Outset, Forsaken Fortress, and Windfall in just a couple of hours. Today I did most of Dragon Roost in an hour, and am ready for the boss battle. No walkthrough for me (yet)! It does help to have Henry or Dan sitting near me to point out the things I miss. :) We were reminiscing that when we first got the GameCube and LoZ: WW, it was quite difficult for Henry and we had to read the text out loud for him! And he dressed up as Link nearly every day (when he wasn’t Legolas or Frodo), complete with pointy ears. Awwwww :)

Finished the three-color mitts this evening at karate. They’re blocking now — photos tomorrow!

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  1. Lorena Carrington

    Another Flight of the Conchords fan! I’ve been pretty obsessed too. Have only seen one full episode – they released one through their podcast – but have otherwise been relying on YouTube. Funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

    Look forward to seeing the three-colour mitts!

  2. kara

    In the middle of ep. 5 — Jemaine just sang a wonderful song of seduction called “It’s Business Time”


  3. kara

    Ep. 6 — HODG-MAN!
    OK, I’ll stop now. Obsess much?

  4. Catharine

    Wind Waker! Oooo! It’s on our list of ‘yeah, definitely at some point’ to acquire. :)

  5. kara

    Catharine — run, do not walk, to your nearest gamestop! I love how the Wii will accept little GC discs.

    Some people complain about the cartoony graphics in WW, but we love them.

  6. Catharine

    When we first got the Wii, I did a serious look-through of the highest-rated GC games, and Wind Waker was just about tops. I couldn’t understand why some people hated the graphics; Peter and I just love the screenshots we’ve seen.

    We’ll surely pick it up; it’s a question of, well, Peter’s in the middle of Super Paper Mario, and I’m in the middle of Twilight Princess. I’ll strongly suggest it as the next Serious Game purchase when Peter’s done with Mario. :)

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