Mastodon LibriVox Community Podcast #54 —

LibriVox Community Podcast #54

Cori has put together a marvelous Community Podcast for us this week. Her theme is “Sucking! (And how not to!).” At some point, every LibriVox volunteer worries about sucking. Cori goes over the things that can make a recording suck (too fast, too slow, background noise, etc.) and the things we might worry about that don’t actually suck (accents, non-native readers, etc.). She enlisted several volunteers to make mock-sucky recordings, which are hilarious, and there is lots of helpful and comforting advice. Do give it a listen!

LibriVox Community Podcast #54

(Plus you can hear me babbling on and on!)

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  1. Gina

    That was indeed a good podcast. I haven’t really listened to any of the other casts, but now I think I may, because she did a fine job on that one.
    Hope you are well, and talk to you soon!

  2. kara

    Hey Gina! Yeah, our community podcast is put together by, surprise surprise, members of our community, so the content and style varies greatly. If you find one you don’t like, skip it and try another :)

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