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The Australian Pink Floyd

Last night Dan, Henry, and I went to see The Australian Pink Floyd down at Humphrey’s! Henry and I picked Dan up from work at 5, and traffic was remarkably light so we got down to the place at about 5:40. We amused ourselves (Phantom Hourglass! Rush!) until 7:00-ish and then found our seats and waited for the show to start. It was a fantastic show, of course. Man. They did the entire Dark Side album, then a ton of other stuff. It was a three-hour show. We were all extremely tired but we had fun anyway. My favorites were One of These Days and Pigs. Great show, great show. If you’re a Pink Floyd fan, try to see The Australian Pink Floyd!

Meg over at The House of Mirth just gave me the Rockin’ Girl Blogger award :)


Thanks, Meg!

I, in turn, give this award to Mari, a 4-year old photographer. See The World According to Mari! You rock, Mari, keep posting those beautiful photos!

I’ve been really tired the last few days, but I think I feel better today. It’s only 10:45 and I’ve already taken Henry to his classes, got my bloodwork done, bought bird food, bought flea stuff for the cat, filled up my gas tank, read email, checked LV, waded through part of my unread feeds, and blogged. Go team kayray. Next up: dishes, housework, maybe some recording, maybe some Phantom Hourglass. I started the Ice Dungeon last night! Also need to fix the WoW add-ons on my iMac but that’s easy, I already fixed them on the Macbook so I’ll just copy the AddOns folder over.

Oh, I forgot to mention — the freeway was closed on the way home last night. Yup, closed. Whee! They detoured us onto a sort of frontage road for a few miles, which narrowed down to one lane at times, and eventually let us back onto 5. But hey, they’ve got to do roadwork sometime, and 11pm on a Wednesday is probably the best time for it.

Also: concerts would be a lot more fun if it weren’t for the other people. Don’t their mothers teach them to stop talking at concerts? The people behind us carried on a loud, drunk conversation through the entire Dark Side set. They left after that. Why on earth did they bother to come at all? Stay home next time, people, put on a cd, and have your loud drunk conversation where you won’t be ignoring hard-working real-live musicians and annoying the people all around you.

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  1. Lorena Carrington

    Oh, Thanks Kara! Mari will be very excited. I’ve just loaded my iPod with your readings of Poems every child should know, and we’re heading to the coast for a Jazz/Classical music festival. Mari started listening to them last night (she thought they were just magical), and they should get her through the next two evenings in a strange bed. We’re very grateful for all of your readings.

    Sounded like a great concert you saw, apart from noisy interruptions!

  2. kara

    Have fun at the Jazz fest, Lorena and Mari!

  3. Kathy

    I’m glad you enjoyed your concert, and sorry you’re feeling so tired!

    I do not understand the loud conversations at concerts phenomenon. I have learned that in situations like that, you have to try and move closer to the stage. There, people are more likely to be interested in the music.

    Or another thing….I attended a very intimate concert, upstairs at a coffee house in Nashville. People were lined up around the block trying to get in, and there were only 70 or 80 seats to be had–it was a very special collaboration that was being featured that night. Therefore anyone lucky enough to get in had a much-coveted seat. The young woman sitting next to me text messaged throughout the entire concert. That would be her own business, but her phone screen kept lighting up next to me in the darkened room where everyone else was listening with rapt attention…she’d be busily texting away…very distracting!

    /grumpy vent over

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