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School of Rock

We just got home from a great afternoon/evening with Bob and Chloe. We played a ton of music together, and talked, and sat around, and watched School of Rock, which was really entertaining and funny and well-made! I thought it would be quite a different kind of movie and was most pleasantly surprised.

We wish we lived closer to them but at least we don’t live farther apart.

Also watched last Thursday’s Survivor… my, what an unpleasant group of people.

Ran out of yarn for Henry’s chainmail so I’ll have to buy another ball tomorrow. Hope the yarn store is open.

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  1. Rachel (from LV)

    Kara, my son wants some chainmail. Can you share how you’re making yours? I’ve contemplated trying knitting with wire on really big needles…

  2. kara

    Oh sure, it’s easy. Don’t bother with wire, though, it’ll be all scratchy and stiff. Gray wool garter stitch looks fine. I’m using a worsted-weight wool blend on size 15 circs. I’ll take some photos and write up a little pattern later!

  3. Gina

    I quite liked School of Rock. :) Yeah, sorry, I don’t have much more to say, but that happens.

  4. hugh

    loved that movie, despite myself. and couldn’t stop singing that tune:
    And if you want to be the teacher’s pet,
    Well baby you just better forget it.
    Rock got no reason. Rock got no rhyme.
    You better get me to school on time.

  5. kara

    Did you watch the little film of Jack begging Zeppelin to let him use the Immigrant Song in the movie?
    Awesome :)

    When the kids first started to play in the music class room, I was braced for fakery. If there’s one thing I can’t stand in a movie, it’s badly-faked “musicians.” And then I noticed that most of the time they were playing their own instruments, for real!

  6. Kathy

    We had the same reaction—one of our kids wanted us to watch that movie so we gritted our teeth and….were enchanted!

  7. kara

    Heheh it’s terrible how prejudiced we all were against that movie! What else are we missing out on because Hollywood has taught us to expect the worst?

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