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Gardens and Surfboards


We had such a good day today! Last night we stayed up until 1:30am playing Civilization 4, so this morning I slept until 10 or so, very nice. In the early afternoon we went to Quail Botanical Gardens in Encinitas. I haven’t been there since my big sister took my little sister and me in the early 80s, and Dan had never been there. It’s only 20 minutes from our house and is a beautiful, peaceful place, so we’re planning to go back a lot more. We bought a family membership, in fact, which was only $60. We strolled around, looked at plants and trees, enjoyed the shade and the good-smelling air, and took a billion photos. We got there a little after 1pm, and before we knew it, 3 hours had passed! We had planned to buy an office plant for Dan at their annual plant sale, which was taking place near the parking lot, but they were packing up by the time we got there, so we’ll get his plant another day.

The gardens are divided up into zones — an Australian Garden, a Tropical Rainforest (with waterfall and pond), a Bamboo Forest, an Herb Garden, etc, with paved main paths and little dirt side paths as well. The place is huge. I don’t think we saw half of it. I’ll post a lot more photos after I’ve processed them, and I’m sure Dan will too. We’re so happy knowing a nice place, closer than Balboa Park, to take out-of-town guests!

After Quail Gardens we stopped by Dan’s work to pick something up, and I got the tour of his new building. When you have an internet start-up in coastal California, you have:

an office surfboard rack


And one extra board


(if anyone can tell me how to align those two photos in a row, please let me know. I tried some basic html alignment code which failed miserably) Edit: Ada suggested a table! Thanks, Ada!

When we got home, I did some recording and LibriVox work (we’ve got 981 finished audio books!), and then we watched Knocked Up, which was very enjoyable.

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  1. Ada Kerman

    I usually throw them into a table:
    <td>{first image}/<td>
    <td>{second image}</td>

  2. Ada Kerman

    <td>{first image}</td>

  3. kara

    Ha! Silly me, I never thought of using a table. Thanks, Ada!

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