Mastodon Fire Map, Oct 23, 2007 —

Fire Map, Oct 23, 2007

Thanks to for keeping this map up to date, for their twitter feed, and for their live streaming radio coverage, which was very hiccuppy last night but smooth and fine today. Good job kpbs!!! This is how the map looked at 10:00am on Tuesday, October 23, 2007:


It’s not clear to me what the red and yellow areas indicate. Red might be actual fire zones or extreme danger zones, yellow might be evacuation areas. Anyway, they’re not good, and it’s unheard of for wildfires to threaten our coastal areas. We live under the “Oceanside” text, just north of the 78 and very near three of the evacuation centers — if they’re sending people to those schools for shelter, we are still safe. I just heard that residents of Solana Beach are being sent to the mall that’s just south of us across the freeway.

Approximately 1200 houses destroyed so far; 300,000 people evacuated.

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  1. Kathy

    KPBS’s coverage has been really good. We have felt so connected to what’s going on.

    How’s the air where you are?

  2. kara

    The air was better today than yesterday. We stayed indoors all day, but did not have to hide in the two rooms with air conditioning like we did yesterday.

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