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LibriVox has created 1000 free audiobooks!!!

As of today, October 30, 2007, LibriVox has 1000 free, legal, volunteer-read, downloadable audiobooks.


We’ve been counting down to the thousandth book, having no idea at all what it would be. It turned out to be a recording of Edgar Allan Poe’s Murders in the Rue Morgue, read by a relatively new volunteer, Reynard (who is a fine reader with a delicious accent), and cataloged by a brand new admin, kmerline. It was her first cataloging job! Yay Reynard and kmerline!

Download LibriVox’s 1000th book here:

Way to go, LibriVox volunteers!!! Without each one of you, we wouldn’t have gotten where we are today.

Check our catalog. You’ll find lots more great books to listen to.

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6 Responses to “LibriVox has created 1000 free audiobooks!!!”

  1. Dana

    We are enjoying Librivox. In fact, we are listening to your recording of A Little Princess right now as I type. : )

  2. kara

    Oh, I love that book. I’m listening to Karen Savage’s version right now!

  3. Lisa

    I love Librivox! I just finished A Little Princess and am starting The Secret Garden. Thanks so much!!

  4. kara

    You’re welcome, Lisa! Thanks for letting me know :)

  5. Sue

    Fain would I hear yarns of the Geats
    Accompanied by parakeets!

    I’m enjoying Kara’s reading of Beowulf. (I used the word “yarns” to honor your knitting prowess.)

  6. kara

    rofl! Glad you’re enjoying :)

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