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Knit Picks’ “Harmony” wooden interchangeable circular needles

My Knit Picks’ “Harmony” wooden interchangeable circular needles arrived today! I love them. Here are a couple of unboxing photos:



The needles are much more beautiful in real life than they are in photos. The layers of laminated wood (for strength) almost shimmer, and the colors are more subtle than I was expecting. The finish is nice — smooth, but not slippery. The points are suitably sharp. Dan says the screw threads are very well made. The needles screw onto the cables easily and seem very secure. The cables are extremely flexible. A set of needle tips (size 5) was $5.99, and a set of two 47″ cables plus four end caps and a turning key was $3.99. Shipping was $2.50. So affordable! I will be purchasing lots more Harmony needles in the future :)

I transferred my Cobblestone Cardigan onto them and knit for a bit, and they are just as nice to work with as they are to look at. Good job,!!!

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  1. Kristin

    Ohh, I’m so excited! I got some of their Harmony DPNs recently, and they’re wonderful. Since my decision to mostly quit with slippery circulars (bye bye addis, boohoo :( ) due to hand pain, I’ve decided to try out their Harmony options. I’m really hoping they do the trick, because I’ve already got a set of cables perfect length for my cardigan. They shipped yesterday and hopefully will come this week!

    If you’re ever in the market for DPNs, they’re just as nice. However, I’d get size 2s or larger unless you’re a loose knitter (if I recall, you aren’t right?), as the 1s and 0s are just a wee bit bendy for comfort (I’m a tight knitter).

  2. kara

    Good to know! I’m a *very* loose knitter. I generally make socks on size 0 brittany birches. They’re rather bendy, but they don’t break for me like they do for tight knitters. Good luck with the Harmony circs! I love mine soooo much :)

  3. Rowen

    Ohhh have to say I’m jealous! The Harmony set’s aren’t available over here yet, only the options ones. So I’m waiting impatiently till they do make it over here. :) They just look so pretty!

  4. Laura

    I, too, have a set of the Harmony needles, and I love them. I’m trying my first pair of socks with two 24″ circular needles and two colors. It is slow going, but not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. I’m using English and German methods at the same time to separate the two colors instead of bobbins. I haven’t used bobbins yet; they look very daunting.

  5. Anastasia

    I just received my 8 sets a moment ago. Two pairs of 2.75 circular, and six sets of 6″ DPNs, ranging from 2.0 – 3.25 mm. I was so excited, all my friends giggled at me (who don’t knit, themselves) by how excited I was about getting ‘just knitting needles’. lol

    I just got them, I’m certain they will work fine. I admit that I’m disappointed though. They don’t appear as pretty as they do in any of the photos. Mine are just stripes of colour lengthwize instead of all ripples and waves of colour that everyone else seems to get. Poor me.

    Do any of you suppose it’s because of the narrow diameter? They don’t appear as pretty, nor as brilliantly coloured as I felt lead to believe they would be, but I’m certain they will be a delight to use. Hopefully (I suppose) I’m the only one who hasn’t been perfectly pleased in every way.

  6. kara

    Heh, I’d have to go LOOK at mine to tell you whether they are striped or wavy! I never noticed. I love them for the way they feel.

  7. Anastasia

    Yes, they are such a joy to use. I had been wrestling with my previous circular needles, trying to get the stitches over the connection between needle and cable. Now it’s such a smooth transition as I work my way around. I love working with well made tools. :D

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