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BBC’s Strong Poison

A friend lent me her copy of the BBC’s radio play production of Strong Poison, a Lord Peter Wimsey mystery by Dorothy Sayers. I love a good radio play, and this is truly excellent. The characters sound just exactly right. This is first rate entertainment and highly recommended!

strong poison

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  1. aaron

    I agree. In fact I have started listening to some old time radio shows (Abbot & Costello, etc ) and I’m really enjoying them. Everything old is new again!

  2. kara

    My dad and I used to listen to Fibber McGee and Molly! Hilarious.

  3. Kathy

    Nice. Ian Carmichael is the actor who played Wimsey in the BBC tv adaptations, too and did a fine job verbally although to my eye he looked a bit old to play the Wimsey I see in my mind’s eye. But verbally he had it just right. Which makes the radio version all the more perfect!

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