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Houndstooth Check Mitts

Houndstooth Check Fingerless Mitts: a present for Kirsten! I followed my Three-Color Mitts for Henry pattern, but did 1×1 ribbing, worked increases until there were 15 thumb stitches, and knit the hand a little longer. Here’s a chart for the houndstooth check pattern. It’s a 4-stitch, 4-row pattern. I divided it into 4-stitch sections so you can memorize it more easily. O is gray, X is black (or whatever).


And here are the finished mitts:



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  1. Lena

    Oh WOW! I so need some of those for the keyboard while typing. I took some cheap ones from Wal-greens and cut off the fingers. They work pretty well, but a bit thick between the fingers. I wonder how hard those would be for a “never knitted before” gal? Definitely going on the list of things to make one day.

    Nice job Kara. They are wonderful!

  2. kara

    Lena, they would be relatively easy, especially if you skip the thumb tube and just leave a little opening there. You could make them all one color to make them even easier. To make them ridiculously easy, you could knit them flat, just a rectangle, and sew up the side leaving a thumb opening! :) Email me and we can discuss yarn and I can write you up a little newbie pattern!

    Or I could knit you some in the color and pattern of your choice for a small fee ;-)

  3. Richard Robertson

    Hi Kara,

    I am Lena’s dad. She said nice things about you and I was curious.

    Have a nice day.


  4. kara

    Hi Richard! We’re very fond of Lena, though we’ve never met in real life :)

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