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Earideas – great new site for worth-while audio

Hugh, founder of LibriVox and all-around great guy, has come up with a fantastic new site:

From their front page:

Earideas is a collection of the best thoughtful audio available on the web. We’ve got shows from public and other broadcasters, magazines, newspapers, museums, as well as individuals. You can find it all here (to subscribe, download, or listen on our site), updated daily with the latest shows, organized by category.

There’s a lot of high-quality, interesting, entertaining, and thought-provoking audio out there on the net, but it can be hard to find. And although I know of a lot of great podcasts, I don’t tend to subscribe to them because I get overwhelmed by the quantity of stuff I end up with and feel like I ought to listen to. Earideas is pure genius. They’ve selected the cream of the podcast crop and organized it by category in a nice clean interface. There’s a download link for every episode that they list but if you want to listen online there’s an easy to use flash player, too. That’s what I use, so I don’t have to remember to delete anything from my hard drive!

I subscribe to their “Featured Shows” rss feed, and I just let the hundreds of items stack up in my feed reader until I’m in the mood for some listening. Then I scroll down through their feed, and always find something that catches my interest, whether it’s Fresh Air, NPR movie reviews, an episode of The Onion news, or some other random thing I never would have found otherwise. Last night, for instance, I bumped into an Australian book review podcast and heard an interview with the author of “Queen of Fashion“, which I then found in my library system and had sent to my local branch. You can also follow earideas on twitter. Cool!

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  1. hugh

    thanks for the plug!

  2. hugh

    oh & we’ll be adding a couple of simple features soon … that’ll make it easier to listen (a flash player that’ll list the whole feed rather than just one item at a time).

  3. kara

    Oh, that’ll be good!

  4. Mary Frances Edwards

    HI, Kara – I found you through your Librivox readings, which I love. During my “tired” chemotherapy days I can’t enjoy reading as I usually do and audio books are a godsent. I buy some, but really enjoy Librivox – thanks. I also read the blog mentioned below and thought you might like it since you are both home schoolers. Keep up the good work. Mary Frances

    Her web site: and her is my email to her.
    Hi, Heather. I have been reading your blog for about 3 months, since I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and began chemo. I am from the US, living in Ireland – it has been strange, but not bad, to be undergoing this in other than my “homeland”. I am a speech therapist and my husband and I have decided to stay here through this and get back to full time therapy here soon! During chemo I like to listen to audio books and found a great on-line free download – Librivox, and a great reader whose web site I also access. You are both home teachers so I wonder if you’d enjoy each others’ blogs. I am taking the liberty of emailing sites to each of you. Hers is Best of luck to you and Emma and all your family. MFE

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