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Hooray for KPBS!

We finally got fed up with paying over $70 every month for satellite TV, so when we moved we hooked up neither cable or satellite TV. There’s not much on, and what is on we can watch online, rent from greencine, or buy from iTunes, and there’s still no way we’ll end up spending $70/month! So that means we also have no TiVo, can you believe it? How archaic. But we are very fortunate to be able to receive KPBS‘s over-the-air HDTV signal loud and clear, and it looks just beautiful. I really don’t miss TiVo at all. We are KPBS members, of course, so we get their On Air guide every month. I went through the January issue, circled the good stuff, marked it all in my calendar, and set it to give me emailed reminders. I’m finding it to be sort of retro-fun to plan my TV viewing around air times like the old days! The best stuff is on weeknights at 8pm. On those nights Henry gets his bedtime routine started early so we are all done with teeth and bedtime reading by eight. Last Wednesday we watched “Pioneers of TV”, which was wonderful. We’re both looking forward to the next part. This evening we watched Nature, all about a colony of lions in the hostile Namib desert. And of course tomorrow night is the Antiques Roadshow! It’s really soothing to cuddle up with some good, educational, high-quality tv before bed.

Thank you, KPBS!!!

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  1. chris hughes

    I started using an eyeTV diversity TV tuner to record TV on my Mac. Afterwards, I can use Toast to burn a DVD, or save as a compressed H.264, or export it to my iPod – and with the right cable you can then play it on your TV right from the iPod! The eyeTV software is pretty good, and you can use it to plan what programmes you want to record. It’s pretty cheap for what it is.
    I seem to remember that it handles HDTV signals as well – though in the UK that is moot at the mo.

  2. kara

    Ooo interesting! I’ll look into that.

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