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Cobblestone cardigan, really-truly finished!

I sent several hours putting in the pockets this morning, and was wearing it when Dan got home. He took these pictures right then, so it *still* isn’t blocked!




The pockets are nice and deep. They go right down to where the border starts. I’m happy it’s a cold, rainy day, so I can wear it! By the way, this top-down, one-piece sweater was inspired by Jared Flood’s Cobblestone Pullover. Thanks, Jared!

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10 Responses to “Cobblestone cardigan, really-truly finished!”

  1. Kristin

    I love it! It’s great great great, and great on you :) I love how long you made it too.

  2. michael

    So good!

  3. susan

    Wow that was knitted fast. It looks great!

    Wish that my red cardigan was zooming along as quickly.

  4. Soozan

    Darling Kayray – I adore it – so wonderful to see you and see you IN IT!!!! Gorgeous.

  5. Kathy

    Unbelievable! That looks great! I love the movement in that middle picture.

  6. Thomasean

    I found the pattern In IWK. Please tell me how to convert it into a cardigan.

  7. kara

    Hi Thomasean,

    I used a different yarn at a different gauge, and worked from the top down in one piece, adding buttonholes every 12 ridges as I went and knitting to fit myself. I also added a round collar instead of the original rolled edge, and made it a lot longer to be more coat-like. I increased a few times on either side of the side-columns of garter stitch to give more room in the hips. I didn’t write anything down, so all I can give you are these general guidelines. Good luck, and let’s see photos of YOUR interpretation of Jared’s lovely sweater!

    Get yourself a copy of Knitting From the Top, by Barbara Walker. She’ll help you understand how to create a seamless sweater from the top down. :)

  8. Annie

    Very nice Kara, the big buttons really finish it off well! Great pictures, too, you are so cute in all your handknit winter wear!

  9. Soozan

    Now you just need to come and live with us here in wintery New York.

  10. Betsie

    Fabulous! … blocking is overrate though =)

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