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Brown and Cream Mittens – done!

Man, these were difficult but the result is so satisfying. One hundred grams of Telemark didn’t seem like very much, so I split each ball exactly in half and knit the mittens top-down. I don’t like afterthought thumbs, so I un-vented a new top-down thumb! Knit a thumb tube and then attach it to the hand with 3-needle bind off over just a few stitches (5 seemed right for these), then decrease away the extra stitches as you work down the hand. I decreased one stitch every three rounds. Because I had to do quite a bit of ripping back and re-working, it took nearly a full day of knitting for each mitten. *whew*








I loved working with knitpicks’ Telemark. It’s springy and soft and wonderful. Yum!

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  1. Kristin

    When you do stranded knitting, do you do it with one strand on each hand, or just using the one hand?

  2. kara

    I do one strand in each hand, knitting Continental with one and English with the other.

  3. Annie

    I love them! The brown and cream are so pretty together.

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