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Slipped Cable Vest

I recently ordered knitpicks’ Slipped Cable Vest pattern and 8 skeins of Wool of the Andes in a lovely honey-brown-gold color they call “wheat” (on sale for $1.79/skein. Dude!) Also a set of size 4 Harmony needle tips (Yeah, pattern calls for 8s, I got gauge on 4s. Go figure.) Last night, after finishing the brown and cream mittens, I cast on for the vest and worked about two inches of ribbing, and then today I finished the ribbing and worked two repeats of the cable pattern. Working 198 stitches in ribbing is funny. It starts out six miles wide and draws in gradually while you’re working, and when you finally have 3 inches of knitting it’s a reasonable width :)

It’s very restful, after all the improvisational knitting I’ve been doing, to just follow a damn pattern for a change :) The pattern is very simple, and is written pretty well, but the transition between ribbing and cable could be made a lot clearer. If you follow the directions, it seems that you need to start the cable patterns on the second row (RS), which is not really made clear in the pattern. Also, you don’t want to just randomly place your increases! Count your stitches and figure out where to place increases so that the ribbing continues unbroken up the sides of the vest. If you goof it up a little, you don’t need to rip the whole thing back — just drop the offending stitches, rearrange them a little so that the knitted ribs are unbroken, and pull them back up with a crochet hook.

Here’s my progress so far:


I’m enjoying working with the Wool of the Andes. It’s a little rougher than Telemark, and I wouldn’t want to wear it directly next to the skin, but for outerwear it’s very nice.

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  1. Annie

    You can’t beat KnitPicks prices! They have some nice patterns too. I like the color you picked, it’s not one I would pick for myself but it’ll look good on you.

  2. Kathy

    Lovely color! When do you do most of your knitting?

  3. kara

    Annie – it’s nearly the same color as my hair, in a yarny way :)

    Kathy – I knit during TV and movies, which I why I got so much knitting done while my mouth was healing and Henry was sick! Wayyyy more TV than usual. Also I knit while waiting for Henry during Kung Fu or archery or whatever. Also I like to sit around in the evening while Dan’s doing other things and listen to my Pandora stations and knit. Also there’s a little knitting time before bed, usually.

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