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An assortment of knitting photos. I gave up on the Bleeding Hearts stole from IWK Spring 2008. The lace pattern was annoying. I started Eunny Jang’s Print o’ the Wave stole instead, and it’s fun! I’m going to work the center panel end-to-end instead of grafting in the middle. I love this lace pattern. It’s very easy, very pretty, has restful WS purl rows, and, once the zig-zags develop, it’s so obvious where you are in the pattern at any point that that I don’t even need markers between pattern reps. Lovely. And the Knitpicks’ “Shadow” merino laceweight yarn is lovely to work with. The white string is a lifeline through row 12 of the third repeat, just in case there’s a disaster later.


Henry’s socks are almost done. I can’t say enough good things about knitpicks’ “Risata”!


Re-blocking the Slipped Cable Vest because I foolishly wore it before the ribbing was bone dry :)


And, finally, at long last blocking the Cobblestone Cardigan Modification:


(After seeing this photo, I tugged the left side down a bit more!) It’s 86 degrees today so my wet sweaters should dry pretty quickly.

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  1. Kathy

    You are really amazing!

    Happy Easter!

  2. michael

    Just don’t forget about the error in the edging chart for the stole! (I love that pattern otherwise)

  3. Kristin

    Wow, all the knitting looks great! I especially like the start of your stole.

  4. kara

    Thanks everyone! Yeah, Michael, I drew the correct edging decreases onto my chart. I plan to photograph and post the improved charts here, too.

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