Mastodon Twitter Updates for 2008-04-04 —

Twitter Updates for 2008-04-04

  • great. cat barfed again on carpet. near the OPEN DOOR. And _then_ she went outside. anyone want a cat? #
  • throat feels funny again #
  • @sassenach everyone needs laceweight! #
  • only 5 more reps on the Print o’ the Wave stole and I get to move on to picking up a billion stitches around the perimeter! #
  • @aspenglow like winnie-the-pooh! Grab a honey-pot! #
  • East Coast people — are you watching BATTLESTAR??? #
  • @gstuckey oh, I assumed 9pm EST! Enjoy — and NO SPOILERS! :) #
  • @gstuckey yeah several pictures of the Stole on down a post or two) or user "kayray" on ravelry #
  • @drewbeatty lol at the cross sci-fi reference :) agreed!! NO SPOILERS, PEOPLE! #
  • watching The Office, s4ep3; Dwight and DunMiff/sys compete to sell more paper. Bear Horn. "Lunch Party". Tight purple shirt. #
  • @aspenglow hahaha! Unrelated, but my iPod is named Deb, from Napoleon Dynamite (gives you an idea how old my iPod is ;-) #
  • hungry #
  • wikipedia says NBC ordered a 5th season (28 eps) of The Office! #

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