Mastodon Twitter Updates for 2008-04-08 —

Twitter Updates for 2008-04-08

  • exhausted #
  • @jujuridl gharghhhhh! EWWWWW! #
  • @diversionmary thanks for suggesting flip4mac, works like a charm. #
  • @apelad Ha! Seth Efrickin. Perfect! #
  • crafters: create some leaves/doves/candles/olives for art installation #
  • @someaudioguy hi there :) #
  • home from apple store, the Genius there replaced my power supply while we waited! All working fine now, yay! #
  • nice desktop wallpapers here! #
  • they don’t all tile properly (without editing), but "atomic doodle" ends up looking pretty good as-is #

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3 Responses to “Twitter Updates for 2008-04-08”

  1. Tariku Kebede

    Dear Kayray ….I really am happy to send you this message ,since you are one of our favourite reader of the librivox.Me and my friends live in one of the nations in Africa,namely the proud and never colonized country Ethiopia.Though we are materially poor we enjoy here too much for the kind of calm civilization ,which exists here.We always listen,repetitevely,your recordings of “Letters of two brides” and we are impressed by your sweet and impressful voice which you arouse and ignite our passion for classic pieces like this.Please our dear lots people here in Ethiopia have started knowing you,we all are your fans and don’t hesitate to send us reply.We love you our dear sister!!!!! farewell
    Voices from Africa

  2. kara

    Dear Tariku Kebede,

    I have sent you an email but will reply here as well.

    Thank you so much for the kind and friendly message you wrote to me. It makes me so happy, more happy than I can say, to know that you and your friends in Ethiopia enjoy my reading. Please write again sometime!

    It is wonderful that I, here in California, and you, far away in Ethiopia, are connected by a book written so long ago in France!

    Please be well and healthy, my friends!

  3. Tariku Kebede

    My dear Karya thank you so much for the kind reply I got from you .It really gives me a pleasure to hear from the one whom I fan too much.I personally have a great interest for litreature,particularly for classic .My counry Ethiopia is rich for its wide litrary findings,Which some of even are liturgical orthodox writings that were written thousand years ago.Eventhogh,history of modern writing has a short count ,neverthless,our ardent and insightfull writers refrain from bearing fictious pieces that really are Ethiopian in flavour.For me there there really is nothing sharing ones experience,particularly with some one who lives thousand miles away from where you reside.Dear karya,it seems there are lots of things we can have together,realizing our common goal to unite the world through Litreature.Thank you my dear and farwell!!

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