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Two librivox milestones!

We at (where you can download free, public domain audio books) achieved two amazing milestones today. We keep track of how many books we complete each month, and of course our total. As May progressed, it looked likely that we’d break our previous record of 77 books back in July of 2007. Well, a few days ago we hit 80… then yesterday it was 90… then today we reached 100! One hundred brand-new audio books cataloged in just one month! Here’s a screenshot of that wonderful number:

(the chart was too tall to fit into my screenshot, but it goes back in time to 9-2005, when we cataloged our first book)

Oh, and the 100th book this month was

And another impressive number is our total number of completed audio books, which reached 1500 today!


Our 1500th book was

Isn’t that amazing? In case you don’t know, librivox is made up entirely of volunteers, from administrators to coders to organizers to readers to proof-listeners to catalogers to cheer-leaders to cover-art makers to podcast makers, and everyone else! GO TEAM LIBRIVOX!

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  1. Kristin

    Exciting! I can’t believe how fast LV has grown!

  2. Karen Cure

    Kara — I happened onto Librivox while browsing iTunes …. how wonderful. I have downloaded several books onto my iPod and they are my accompaniment while gardening, walking the dog, etc. I have been wanting to tell you how much I LOVE your reading of Jane Austen. Your voice has just that little edge of indulgent, slightly arch good humor that is so right for Jane Austen. Now, having visited your Web site, I see that in addition to reading well, you also write a great sentence, knit cool things, and make a heckuva potato salad. Thank you for sharing your lovely self with all of us out here! –Karen

  3. kara

    Gosh, thanks for your sweet comments, Karen, and I’m glad you’re enjoying LibriVox! I hope, sometime in the next year, to record an entire Jane novel (maybe Emma) alternating chapters with a LibriVox friend. :)

  4. Don Ginter

    Hi Karen. I am a ‘new comer’ to LibriVox, but I love it already. I am a Disabled American Veteran and spend most of my time home alone. I grew up in a home where we read, rather than watch TV. (We never had a TV, and my parents still do not, nor do I !) I just listened to your reading of “The Celebrated Frog….” and enjoyed it immensely. You have a perfect reading voice, and I will be listening to all of your recordings. Thanks for giving of your time to make others’ lives more rich. God Bless You. Don Ginter, Northville, New York. (In the beautiful Adirondack Mountains!!)

  5. kara

    Thank you, Don, I’m really glad you enjoy my reading! I spent a lot of my childhood without a TV, but with books, books, books, in Calaveras County!

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