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trying to get better

Still sick (at the coughing up gunk phase, and boy does my throat hurt from all that coughing), but it’s Monday and I don’t have to drive anywhere or do anything major today, so maybe I can just rest and try to get better. Last week was so busy.

Thursday it was Henry’s big school day (9-2:30 and I sat at school and waited since gas is too expensive for me to drive home and then back again to pick him up), an oil change at Danny’s house, and then at night we went to a musical (Crazy For You) at the Starlight ’cause we had already bought tickets in advance and we decided we felt just barely well enough to go. It was fun, but boy were we tired afterwards.

Friday I did the grocery shopping, a million errands, and an oil change for Dan.

Saturday all three of us went up to Vista for an all-day homeschool archery tournament at Margaret’s ranch. Dan took photos, Henry had a marvelous time and won a make-your-own-arrow craft kit, and I sat in the shade and knitted and coughed. Again, fun but tiring.

Sunday was Henry’s dress rehearsal up at school for his performance of Guys and Dolls. More driving, more sitting around and knitting and coughing. It was fun to watch the rehearsal, though. It was a disaster (dress rehearsals are always a disaster, aren’t they?) but I’m sure the show will come together nicely. I’m really proud of Henry — he knew all his lines, has great stage presence, keeps his head up, has a nice clear voice and great diction so you can actually understand what he’s saying! Also he sings in tune.

So anyway today, I hope, I get to just lie on the couch and try to get better. In the last few days I finished mom’s green and black socks and started a Baby Surprise Jacket for a soon-to-arrive baby niece. It was going to be a Tomten jacket but all that garter stitch was boring me, so I switched to a BSJ, which at least has lots of interesting shaping. I’ll post photos later.

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5 Responses to “trying to get better”

  1. Soozan

    baby niece????

  2. kara

    Dan’s sister’s :)

  3. Soozan

    whew – I didn’t know Tabitha had a daughter. I hope she is very happy! I wondered – Kirsten????

  4. kara

    The baby is due in July… supposed to be a girl, but you never know! :)

  5. Kathy

    Feel better soon! Soozan, I had the same thought. Congrats to Dan’s sister!

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