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Fargo is here!

Yesterday Henry’s dear friend Fargo came to visit for a few days. Hooray! He and Henry spent hours in the backyard kicking a soccer ball around and having mock battles of some kind. Dan says boys that age must fight. Fine with me, as long as no one has to go to the emergency room and no more teeth get smashed. Henry chipped two front teeth last year horsing around with Fargo and now he’s got braces so I really will kill him if he messes them up.

Oh, and yesterday Dan lent me 300 gold so I could by my Epic Flying Mount (costs 5000g for training plus 200g for the mount). I chose the Swift Red Gryphon. He is blazingly, blindingly, brilliantly fast! Now I need to figure out if there are any special quests I can access now that I have him.

The house is a filthy cluttered disaster area. Argh. I think I’ll ask the boys to haul some extra crap out to the garage today. That might help a little.

I felt awful yesterday but slightly better this morning. Maybe I’ll be able to get some housework done soon.

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  1. Carly Purcell

    My hubby says to tell you that he thinks there is/are special quest(s) available in Shadowmoon. He’ll check with his friend that has a Swift mount and let me know. Just thought I would share. :-) By the way, I really loved your Lace Fern scarf – the pattern is lovely, and if I ever get around to knitting laceweight, I just might try it out! Enjoy you new epic flying mount! Carly

  2. kara

    Thanks, Carly!

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