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two new audiobooks!

Apple apparently fixed something in one of the recent OS updates, and now I can use my USB audio interface again! (I had to use Dan’s firewire interface for the last few months, because using any of my USB mics created horrible artifacts in my recordings) Anyway, now I’ve got my USB setup working again and everything sounds right and works as I expect it to, and I figured out that I can record in comfort sitting on the sofa with the mic on a TV-tray next to me. So I finished up the children’s art history book, “The Book Of Art For Young People”, and also recorded a dear little cookbook, “When Mother Lets Us Cook”. You can download both audiobooks legally and for free from

And I’ll be podcasting both books eventually, as well. If you want to see the color plates from the art book, go here: Googlebooks hosts a scan of the little cookbook, which has charming illustrations: When Mother lets Us Cook.

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  1. John Rocha

    I came to your site looking for sources my blog which deals with how to obtain and deal with legal, free books. Obviously audio books are important here.

    I’ve been looking at Librivox and as Frances Hodgson Burnett is one of my favourites I’ll be listening to your recording quite soon and hopefully can give a review if you don’t mind. I’m really interested in the potential of podcast versions too.

    It’s good to put a face to the recordings and it’s great work you’re doing.

    Cheers, John

  2. kara

    Hi John,

    I hope you will enjoy the story and review the book! Feel free to podcast any librivox recording you want. Have fun!

  3. Amy

    I love your book readings! Do you have your own podcast? Also, is there a way on librivox to just hear your readings?? There isn’t anything much scarier than listening to your nice soothing voice at night and then being startled by a deep manly voice when the next chapter starts! Thanks for your audiobooks!

  4. kara

    Hi Amy! Yup, I have a podcast of just my recordings (or duets with friends whose voices I really like). Hit the orange “iTunes 1-click” button up at the top of this page, just under my portrait, or just search iTunes for “Kara’s Free Audiobooks”.

    Here’s a quick and easy list of my solo recordings:

    Or, from the librivox catalog page, hit “more search options”, then pick “solo”, “complete”, and type in “kayray” or “kara” in the “reader” box. :)

    I like to listen to solo recordings at night, too! No surprises :)

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