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Dover Sampler

I’ve been in love with Dover Publications since I was a little kid. The coloring books! The cheap reprints of classics! The antique needlework guides! The cut-and-makes! The paper dolls, oh, the paper dolls! I just found out that Dover has an online sampler service. Just give them your email address, and every week you get a link to a webpage full of sample book pages to download and print out. Today I got two coloring pages, one from a stained glass coloring book and another from “Art Masterpieces to Color”. If I had a color printer, I could have printed out a page of post-impressionist postcards and a page of fruit-crate labels. And if I liked Tom Tierney I could have printed a page of one of his paper doll books. There are also pages from a book of poetry, a book of mazes, a book of butterfly crafts, etc., etc.

Go here to sign up!

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  1. Kristin

    They do have some great stuff published.

  2. Jen

    Hello Kara:

    This is a small world. I have listened to you read many chapters and books on Librivox, and today while searching for a good purse pattern with pockets I found you again! So this time I’ll say hi and let you know I appreciate your recordings, and will try to use your tutorial to make myself a purse!



    P.S. I just bought Dover’s Anne of Green Gables colouring book for my daughter who won’t be old enough to appreciate it for about 7 years. :)

  3. Huy

    I agree. There sampler service is pretty cool. I’ve been getting my samplers since Sept. 1, 2006. :D A search in my inbox for “Your Dover Sampler” yielded 125 messages. LOL.

    Take care,
    Huy (sounds like “we”)

    P.S. I would also like to take this time to say “Thank YOU!” for all you have done in reading and providing your time and resources in providing audiobooks for us through your website and librivox. Awesome!

  4. kara

    Thanks, Huy and Jen, glad you are enjoying the audiobooks :)

    Dover’s sampler service did the trick — I bought two Dover books for gifts this Christmas, simply because the weekly sampler kept reminding me what cool books they sell!

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