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So! A few weeks ago I finished the art book, then recorded a short and dear little cookbook, and then started looking around for another long-term project. I wanted something funny, so I finally chose The Adventures of Sally, by P.G. Wodehouse. I’ve recorded two chapters so far and it’s great. The chapters are long, though, boy oh boy. The second chapter weighed in at 52 minutes — and that’s after editing. The unedited file was about an hour long, and took much longer to record because I live in a flight path and that day was a busy one at the airport. The planes flew over my house every couple minutes, so I had to keep pausing. But that’s ok, Wodehouse is fun to read and it’s a good story, so I don’t mind those long chapters. Follow my progress here, if you like: (But please don’t re-post the temporary “listen” links.)

Also, Shell Crandall and I have started a marvelous children’s history book, The Story of Mankind, as a duet, alternating chapters. I found it by checking wikipedia for books published in 1922 (the cut-off date for public domain in the USA). On that page was a mention that The Story of Mankind won the Newbery that year so I looked into it a bit and we decided to go for it! It’s super well-written and very readable. You may follow our progress here: Again, please don’t re-post the “listen” links! I’ll let you know when it’s finished and then you can post to your heart’s content.

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  1. Angie

    Hey there, I found the copy of your cute gingham purse, but have a question. The end pieces did not come with complete measurements, unless I’m missing something, which is possible. i know it shows a picture of it, however, how many inches measure below where you begin curving it to the bottom? Also,I guess I don’t understand the seam allowance. On the 2nd page you go from 20.5 by 10, then add the seam allowance of .25 on the long sides and .5 on the short, yet which do you consider short and long? I apologize if I made mincemeat of it all! I’d appreciate your response, I’m so ready to try this!!! Thanks, Angie

  2. kara

    I’m so sorry, Angie, I made that purse many years ago and I don’t really remember how I made it at all :) Sorry the instructions are vague. I hope you can puzzle it out eventually! (maybe you can just add the same amount of seam allowance on all sides?)

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