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Thanks, Mark N!

Even though I had a long day of much driving (took Henry to Vista to play with friends, then to Escondido for D&D) I felt good enough this evening to go to the local game store’s Board Game Night at 7pm. It was great! We played Amyitis, a nicely-balanced Euro-game. Two of the fellows had played it before, and another fellow and I had not so they taught it to us. Lots of fun! Hope to go again next Tuesday if I’m not too tired.

And when I got home, Dan and I watched our new dvd of The Guild :) :) :) Good stuff!

Oh, and I just got email from Amazon — some kindly LibriVox fan named Mark N sent me a $30 Amazon gift card! What a sweetie! I have no way to contact him, so I’ll thank him here and hope he stops by and sees this. Thanks, Mark! Mmmmmmmm books!

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  1. Mark N

    Got your message :) Hey.. No problem. Librivox has enriched my “reading” greatly. And while its built on the backs of many people, I think you’ve read the largest of what I’ve listened to (moreso the partial recordings as opposed to solo projects). So, thanks and enjoy your book(s).

  2. kara

    You must be listening to some of our earlier books, when I recorded a few chapters of *everything*. Now there are so many projects going on all at once I can’t keep track! :) Enjoy!

  3. Ruchi

    Hello Kara,

    I enjoyed listening to all the chapters of Heidi, which was my favorite book while growing up. I loved your Swiss/European pronunciations in Heidi. How did you manage to do this so accurately?


  4. kara

    Hi Ruchi, glad you enjoyed Heidi! I am glad I did OK on the pronunciations — I took a couple of years of German in college, and I’ve always loved the language.

  5. Chloe

    I loved listening to you read Heidi too! It was my first time “reading” it.

  6. kara

    Chloe, Grandpa sent me a hardback copy of Heidi for a birthday when I was, oh, 6 or 7. I still have that very book! I must have read it a million times. I’m glad you enjoyed it too :)

  7. Chloe


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