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Patricia Brent, Spinster

I’ve been listening to wonderful LibriVox recording of Patricia Brent, Spinster, read by Anna Simon (lezer, on the forums). She’s Dutch and has such a sweet accent! Here’s her summary:

A romantic comedy, written in 1918, but with a modern feel to it. Patricia Brent one day overhears two fellow-boarders pitying her because she “never has a nice young man to take her out”. In a thoughtless moment of anger she announces that the following night she will be dining out with her fiance. When she arrives at the restaurant the next day, she finds some of the fellow-boarders there to watch her, so, rendered reckless by the thought of the humiliation of being found out, she goes up to a young man sitting alone at a table, and asks him to help her by “playing up”. Countless complications and adventures ensue…

It’s a splendid book, very modern and witty. Highly recommended!

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  1. kc

    oh, I will go download it :)

  2. Kathy

    I wonder if this was made into a movie. I’ll have to dig to find the name of it, but in the last year I watched a very sweet movie with a similar plotline.

    Only, come to think of it, in the movie, it’s an old woman, and the young man is enlisted to portray an attentive grandson. It’s called Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont. is a review. On closer look I see that it is based on a book, but a different book. Oh well–I’m not erasing this because I can recommend the movie.

    I will check it out. Just enjoyed the last bit of Helen’s Babies. Very sweet. You did a super job with it!

  3. kara

    They *did* make a movie of Patricia Brent in 1919! I can’t find it anywhere online (should be in the public domain), or anywhere for rental. I wonder if all the prints are lost.

    Glad you liked Toddie and Budge! Henry does the “Poor whale, did Jonah get throwed up out of your stomach?” routine and cracks me up.

  4. Claire

    I thought the reader did such a great job, too. I didn’t know she was Dutch–I couldn’t quite place the accent. But, she was wonderful to listen to. The book was such fun!

  5. kara

    I finished it yesterday! I loved the whole thing.

  6. Kathy

    I bumped into her last week when I listened to The Grand Babylon Hotel. She’s an excellent reader. Nice inflections in the dialogue. The book is fun–a light mystery with all the elements that make a mystery fun. I listened while painting my kitchen chairs.

    So now I’ve subscribed to Patricia Brent!

  7. kara

    And now I’ve subscribed to The Grand Babylon Hotel! Thanks for the recommendation!

  8. Mexy Dee

    Loved It!!! It’s a pity he didn’t write more books.

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