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Little Quilt

I made a little quilt-top yesterday:


The white-ish fabric is leftover from the regency dress that I made for Chloe many years ago. The red and green is flannel leftover from pillowcase Morsbags, and the purple is a scrap of velour. (WordPress doesn’t think that “velour” is a word, heheh) I set up a nice sewing area on the back porch, under the overhang, and sewed it all together while listening to old (2002! 2003!) episodes of Loveline with Kathy Griffin as the guest. (Oh Kathy Griffin we love you SO MUCH! Can’t wait for season 5 of D-List!)

Anyway, got the quilt top pieced, and then pieced together odd scraps of batting from Dan’s Monkey Wrench quilt and sandwiched the whole thing with a large scrap of mom’s hydrangea/raspberry curtains for the backing. Ready to quilt!


I don’t even really know why I’m making this… I just had an urge to use up some scraps and make a little quilt. Go figure.

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4 Responses to “Little Quilt”

  1. Annie

    It’ll be a nice little lap warmer for the fall! I love the colors, such pretty jewel tones.

  2. Chloe

    Love it! I always wanted to learn how to quilt, but learning how to use a sewing machine probably comes first! hehe

  3. kara

    Oh Chloe it would be so much fun to help you learn to quilt! It would be a really good way for you to learn to use a sewing machine, too, since it’s all straight lines :)

  4. Gesine

    Very nice, Kara. Could it be a baby blanket for someone?

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