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Chloe just let me know that has more than just a vocab quiz now — they have languages, art history, chemistry, math, and more. I tried German and it was too easy — zoomed right up to lvl 10 and stayed there until I got bored. Art History was easy up to about lvl 8, but then they started throwing non-European painters into the mix — but then there were a few in a row that I remembered from Art History classes and I got up to lvl 9!


Remember, for ever answer you get right they donate 20 grains of rice to the UN World Food Program. I’m glad Chloe reminded me about this site, ’cause I’m sitting here watching dumb TV and feeling rotten, so I might as well play web games for rice.


OK, I hate to brag, but hey I just got to lvl 10!


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  1. kc

    oh neat! I forgot about that site. I am doing the French right now :)

  2. Chloe

    Ok. You know WAY more than me about art history! I’ve never taken an art history class but I went to a few of my roommates lectures. .. so I was guessing a lot! I like looking at the pictures though. The math and grammar were way too easy also.

  3. kara

    Well, I do have an actual degree in Art History :) I noticed if you mouse over the paintings they get even bigger. Should be easy to save them as wallpaper or something.

  4. Chris Hughes

    For sore throat: try using the ‘effervescent’ type of pain killer, and gargling mouthfulls of it for a good minute before swallowing. If taken an hour before a meal, it can make swallowing bearable.
    You prob. know this. Get well soon.

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