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My throat is a lot better, yay! In fact it’s only barely tender. Now my head is a bit stuffy, but I’d take a stuffy head over a sore throat any time. I’ve been using my neti pot several times a day, so maybe that’s why the sore throat got better so fast. Or maybe it was just a mild case of whatever-it-was. Anyway I think my neti pot is easing the stuffiness a bit, too.

Today we drove up to Henry’s charter school to meet with our consultant and pick his classes. He’s really happy that he gets to take two whole days of classes this year. He chose Science, American History through Interactive Activites, Creative Writing, Art and Music through the Ages, Musical Theater, Math, Student Government, “Games of Life” (life skills), and Health & Fitness.

You know you picked the right school when your kid looks forward to going back and wishes summer vacation was shorter :)

When we got back down to San Diego, we went to the Studio Diner and shared a peanut butter milkshake to celebrate the start of the school year, and then we went to the Mysterious Galaxies bookstore so Henry could buy the next Stephanie Meyer book, Eclipse. Then when we got home, I hung up a couple loads of laundry, cleaned up, dealt with ants, and played Agricola with Henry. We tied! He had a six-room stone house with five family members and I only had three clay rooms and four family members, but I had a fireplace and an oven and a pottery. I took a quick picture just before we started to tally up the scores:


As you can see, one of our house rules is that we give ourselves four extra turns (the face-down green cards). The game just feels so short otherwise! There are no new actions for those turns. We also played the pooled Occupations and Minor Improvements variation (seven of each in a common pool, restocked when a card is used), which worked well. Fun!

And now I have to go create some kind of dinner.

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  1. Chloe

    So glad to hear that you’re already feeling better! I thought I was going to get a sore throat last night, but again turned into nothing. Bizarre!

  2. kara

    Yeah now at the end of a long day I’m tired and stuffy and my eyes are burning and my throat feels dry… but it doesn’t actually hurt. I hope you continue to avoid the bug!

  3. Gina

    Stepheny Meyer is good. Henry has good choices in novels. :)
    I wish that I could take classes like that, and I’m in college.
    Email me sometime, so we can stay in touch.

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