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evening walk

Thank you, everyone, for your sympathy for Henry and his sore throat. He’s a little better today, and felt well enough to play World of Warcraft and eat a quesadilla.

Dan and I took a nice brisk walk this evening, and he brought his camera and managed to get a few good pictures of me!

karawalk 7

karawalk 3

karawalk 1

Those are my favorites, and there are a few more up on my flickr. I think my hair looks pretty :)

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  1. Soozan

    Kara – dear niece, EVERYTHING ON YOU IS PRETTY!!

  2. Ken

    Those are great pictures of you. Your hair is SO much longer then when I saw you guys last summer!

  3. kara

    Heh yeah I stopped getting it cut :) It’s even longer now!

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