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Construction of The Lustron, 1949

Tonight Chloe and I started scanning slides and uploading them to our new family photo album at We did 50 slides from 1949 and 1950. We made an entire gallery of photos of the construction of The Lustron, the pre-fab metal house that my grandparents built in 1949. Amazing!

the lustron
(Grandpa Mike Jacobs was a geek, very enthusiastic about exciting new technology!)

The Lustron, completed October 1949

The curly-headed cutie-pie in the ditch is my mom, age 4:

little sal!

By the way, The Lustron still stands. We visited it in 2005:

The Lustron, 2005

The curly-headed cutie-pie in the green shirt is my mom again :)

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  1. Richard W. Allen


    Any objections to presenting these Lustron Photos at

    They are unique in that they are in color and of historical value. They would be archived at Lustron Connection and exhibited for others to enjoy as part of a national collection of Lustron home photos.

    -Rick Allen

  2. kara

    Richard, we’d be honored for you to include our photos in your collection. Our entire 22-photo Lustron Construction gallery is here:
    please use the photos in any way you wish. If you’d like to give credit to the photographer, he was Mike Jacobs. I’ll email you to be sure you see this message.

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