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Our Lustron again

Rick from contacted me tonight to ask if he could post our wonderful series of Lustron construction photos on his site. So cool! “Our” Lustron is third down on this page (or if it’s not third down anymore, look for the caption that says “Davenport, Iowa, Shortly After Construction in 1949”) and from there you can follow the link to the whole series of color photos showing the construction of my grandparents’ Lustron in 1949.

Rick even added some helpful explanatory captions. I guess color photos of a Lustron being constructed are probably pretty rare. I can only imagine the excitement of a Lustron enthusiast on seeing them for the first time :) I’m glad Grandpa’s photos are so treasured!

I’ll leave you with a photo of some of the occupants of The Lustron posing next to their new Kaiser Special 4-door in 1950: my grandma, Jean Jacobs; my mom, Sally; and little Susan.

jean, sally, and susan

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  1. Annie

    So cool, Kara! That’s great how a piece of your family history coincided with the Lustron Connection. I love the old photos!

  2. Kathy

    Amazing, Kara! I did not know your grandpa Mike was a geek of that magnitude!

  3. Kathy

    Oh, and I forgot to say, Grandma Jean is so pretty and “put together” in that picture! White gloves and everything!

  4. Peter

    Kara — These photos are fantastic! We too have photos (b&w) of our Lustron under construction (handed down to us from the original owner; copies of such documentation should be always be provided to subsequent owners, if possible) — that’s our house in Williamstown, MA (with the snowy mountains in the background) on the lustronconnection site. I’ve seen a few other sets of such photos from elsewhere, but never in color! What a treasure… Thanks for sharing!

  5. kara

    Hi Peter! I saw your wonderful B&W flash presentation of the construction of your Lustron. Great stuff!

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