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Tomorrow is voting day and I’m all excited. For the first time in my 20 years as a voter I feel enthusiastic and hopeful that things might change for the better. Please don’t forget to vote! Do you have your voter pamphlet handy? Do you know where your polling place is? Have you researched the proposals and measures, and marked your pamphlet so you don’t have to remember whether it’s “yes” or “no” when you’re standing in the voting booth tomorrow?

Remember the people who have fought and died so that others would have the right to vote. Just 100 years ago our great-grandmothers weren’t allowed to vote! Make them proud.

I suggest that you vote for Obama for President, but even if you vote for the other guy we’ll still be friends :) Follow your conscience.


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  1. Robbie from Europe

    You’ve surprised me folks! I did not think it would be possible. This is truly a momentous occasion. It remains to be seen how much change Obama can actually affect, but the mere fact that he was elected is a for ever glorious milestone in American history. I’d like to travel back in time and shove the video of his electoral speech in the faces of the likes of Simon Legree. Ha!!!
    And hey, you’ve got an articulate president again. And what a difference he makes to that God-awful moron! This one won’t embarrass your country by just opening his mouth. He’s got a lot on his hands though. To quote his predecessor: “It’ll take time to restore chaos.” ;-)
    Well done!

  2. kara

    Yes, it’s a *big* relief! And yes, he’s got a monumental mess on his hands… but I firmly believe that he’ll do a fine job.

    What a great day this is!

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