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Happy almost-Thanksgiving!

Gah, I feel rotten about not doing a real post for so long. Everything is fine here, I’ve just been busy and tired. I’ve been waking up way too early every morning for the last week or two. I wish I could get enough sleep EVER. Wouldn’t that be nice? Um, let’s see… Henry’s best friend in the whole world, Fargo, came to stay with us for a few days and the boys had tremendous fun together as usual; I am working the second short side of the edging of Kathy’s lace stole; Chloe and I have scanned all of Grandpa’s slides from 1940 through 1959 (approx. 2200 photos) and are ready for 1960 (see the Jacobs Galleries); I have almost all the ingredients I need for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, except for a few fresh veggies which I’ll go get as soon as I post this; Rockola is performing The White Album on Friday and Saturday and I volunteered to make sleeping-caps for the band to wear during “Goodnight” so I need to get fabric for those this morning; Henry’s in the show so I need to make sure he practices all his parts today; and I need to clean the house.

I’ve got pictures to post but they’re still in the camera and I don’t want to take the time to fire up aperture, etc. right now.

It’s only going to be Dan and me here on Thanksgiving, but I’m cooking a nice feast anyway because it’s fun and because Chloe might come by in the evening and Kirsten and Marcos will be here on Friday, so everyone can eat the leftovers :) I’m thawing some nice Trader Joe rolls and a piecrust now, and will bake an apple pie today (probably, if I have time) and then do everything else tomorrow while I watch Christmas movies and Dan plays WoW. It’ll be cozy!

Speaking of WoW, I am having so much fun with Wrath of the Lich King! I haven’t had all that much time to play so I’m still in the Howling Tundra area and just hit level 71 last night, and trained for my Swift Flight Form, yay me. The new quests are so fun and imaginative, the new terrain is just beautiful, and I love the friendly little Inuit-Walrus people! Too cute. Good job, Blizzard!

Ok, off to the store for green beans and pearl onions and broccoli and wine.

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  1. Glenn Baker

    Thankyou for your reading of The Secret Garden .Im a retired man living in wales .

  2. kara

    I’m glad you enjoyed it, Glenn!

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