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Happy day after Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving food

I have a small kitchen and very few pots and pans, so I had to cook everything in shifts, but that was fine because I didn’t have a set time that everything had to be finished by, as long as there was plenty of nice food to heat up for the next few meals. I started the turkey at about 9am, and while it roasted I made the cranberry sauce and prepared two apple pies and two pans of stuffing. When the turkey was done, I popped the pies and stuffing into the oven and set a timer so I remembered to take the stuffing out after half an hour. While all that baked, I fixed the green beans and pearl onions (I’d peeled the onions yesterday), and then I made the mashed potatoes and gravy, and by then Dan was up and we had a nice Thanksgiving feast together. Everything turned out great! Oddly, the pies turned out runny, which is strange because I made them the same way I always do, but they taste wonderful!

Dan and I had a second dinner later, and then Henry had a plate when he got home, and now we’ll have more for lunch today! I made another batch of cranberry sauce this morning ’cause you can just never have too much fresh cranberry sauce.

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  1. Kristin

    Happy late Thanksgiving! Looks like you had a good meal.

  2. Ken

    That looks yummy! Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Chris O'Connor

    I’m currently listening to your audio recording of The Secret Garden and after about the 10th chapter I decided I should check out your web site. You have a wonderful voice and I’m glad you have decided to contribute to LibriVox. I’m a new LibriVox fan and I have added a link to that site on my own web site, which is located at As a book lover you might like our discussion forums. We’re reading and discussing The Secret Garden over the next several months. And you have quite a nice site here. The Thanksgiving meal sounded lovely. :-)

  4. kara

    Hi Chris! Glad you’re enjoying The Secret Garden. Gosh, I love that book. I’ll check out your forums!

  5. Chris O'Connor

    I saw someone logged in as KayRay yesterday. Was that you? Say hi to me on the forums! And I will add a link to your Blog on my links page too.

  6. kara

    Yep, that’s me :)

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