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Woke up when alarm went off at 7:35, got up, woke Henry up, jumped in the shower, woke Henry up again, made a bagel for us, woke Henry up again, in the car at 8am. Got to school a bit before 9, dropped Henry off, headed to Encinitas for gynecologist appointment. Got there nice and early, listened to iPod in the car for a while, went in, had appointment with lovely Dr. Makani. Back at school by 11, read email, knit, and played WoW till Henry was ready at leave at 3:50 (Usually done at 3 but he and his friends were working on something in computer class and got to stay extra). Had a bad headache at school but Dan suggested drinking a bit of coffee and it really helped! Hideous traffic all the way, didn’t get home till 5:15. Left again at 6:15 to drop Henry at Kung Fu, and now all I have to do is cook dinner and clean up and then pick him up again at 9pm and then I get to go to bed!

I had a great time playing WoW. I’m still doing quests in Howling Fjord and having a grand time. Today, among many other quests, I shot down gargoyles from a prop plane, led a reef bull to his mate, and helped a friendly murloc. By the way, you can do the reef bull quest with only one fish — just aggro him, pull him over to his mate, then toss him one fish and bingo, you’re done. Now I need to collect bat poo. Um, yay?

By the way, the Rockola White Album show last weekend went really well! Henry had fun playing in the show, Dan had fun taking pictures, and I had fun listening :) More about that soon…

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  1. Shell

    I love the pic of the theater!

  2. Danny

    i love your voice!!!

  3. kara

    Thanks Danny! Me too, Shell, it’s a restored 1930s movie palace! Stay tuned for photos of the actual SHOW…

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