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Knitting update

A few weeks ago, Mom commissioned me to make a hat for her friend. The friend wanted stripes in lime green, blue, and cream, so we bought Knitpicks’ Telemark in Northern Green, Cobalt, and Cream, one ball of each. I started the hat last weekend, top-down, and it took a few tries to got a crown that I liked (it took all day Saturday), but once I had it going it was a quick, fun project. I did stripes and cables, for fun, and a turn-up that’s knit inside out so it’s right-side out when turned up :) And I lined it with a band of polar fleece around the ears. Here’s the project on Ravelry: Commissioned Striped Hat

Henry modeling for me:


And here is a shot of the turn-up unfolded:


And folded:


I also finished a gift for someone a couple of days ago. It’s in the mail, and I’ll post about it when the recipient lets me know it got there! And I’ve got a few Christmas presents on my needles, too, which of course I can’t post about yet :)

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  1. Kathy

    Recipient wore it to church this morning and had many compliments! Your lace knitting skills are amazing!

  2. Milo T. Fish

    Dear Ms. S.,

    Enjoyed your reading(s) of “Little Lord Fauntleroy.” Wish you had done the entire chapter set… It is sometimes unsettling to shift from chapter to chapter never knowing WHO will be the next narrator.

    Am curious: Do you have an opinion of Librivox’s policy of not discriminating with regard to reading ability, verbal skill sets, accent, etc.? In particular, I would much prefer to have a single reader perform the entire work, so I can judge at once if I want to devote many hours to it. What is your take?

  3. kara

    Hi Milo,

    Glad you enjoyed Fauntleroy! It’s a lovely little book.

    Yes, I know some listeners aren’t fond of our collaborative books and variety of accents, ability, etc., but LibriVox’s goal is “To make all books in the public domain available, for free, in audio format on the internet.” The recording of a whole book can be a daunting task, and, in fact, for many of our volunteers it takes a lot of courage just to record a single chapter. If we insisted on auditions or only solo recordings we’d have but a tiny fraction of the 1,970 completed books we have today! Also, it’s really fun to work on recording a book with other readers. There’s a great sense of teamwork and community.

    I really enjoy listening to the wonderful variety of human voices in our collection. Sure, they’re not all professionals, but neither are the friends and family who read to us (if we are so lucky). Think of the Librivox readers as friends and family :) There are plenty of sources for professionally-recorded audiobooks, but I doubt if you’ll find “Old Peter’s Russian Tales” among them, for instance, or four different (and free) recordings of Pride and Prejudice.

    I have a solution for you, though! Head to our catalog page and click the “More Search Options” link near the bottom.

    Change the “Status” dropdown to “Complete” and the “solo/group” dropdown to “solo”. Punch the “search” button and, voila! A HUGE list of books which are all recorded by only one reader.

    When you find a reader you really like, you can use the same advanced search page to find more of his recordings. I recommend Andy Minter, Annie Coleman, David Barnes, Jim Mowwat, Karen Savage, John Greenman, and Cori Samuel, just off the top of my head.

    Hope you find lots of audiobooks to enjoy!

  4. Kathy

    Andy Minter fan here. His reading is delightful!

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