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Happy New Year (a little late)

Happy new year! I’m a bit sick, came down with something on Monday, but it’s not too bad. Had a little sore throat for a day and now I’m just stuffy and tired. I’m sure I’ll be feeling fine again soon. Anyway, I have to catch up here a little bit so here is some random info.

Last Saturday I took down the tree and then we went to Bob and Chloe’s house to watch the Chargers play. Very exciting game — it was tied at the end of the 4th quarter so they went into overtime and the Chargers won, so now they go to the playoffs! Looking forward to watching the next Chargers game with them on Sunday afternoon. I’ve never cared a fig about football, but it’s so much fun to watch with C&B, and they explain what’s going on.

This year, Henry’s set of little Homestarrunner figures joined the holy family at the manger:


I packed them with the Christmas stuff so they can attend next year.

Back in December, Knitpicks ran a yarn giveaway contest, and I won!! My prize yarn arrived yesterday — twelve skeins of beautifully soft Knitpicks Merino Style so I can knit a Surface cardigan. It’s lovely yarn without a hint of itchiness. It’ll make a great cardigan and would also be perfect for anything you’d wear next to the skin. I swatched it last night, with annoyingly predictable results (I’m a loose knitter). I’m supposed to get 23sts/4 inches on #5 needles. I get 21sts/4 inches on #3s. Sigh. Ok, I can do the math. I don’t want to, and I wish, as usual, that I could just GET GAUGE, but oh well. Also I am tempted to rewrite the pattern and work fronts and back all together at the same time.

Here’s a photo of my lovely yarn:


Upcoming knitting plans: I’m going to knit Jared Flood’s spectacular Girasole Blanket for Mom’s Christmas present using Knitpicks’ Wool of the Andes, but the color she wants was out of stock and should be in tomorrow (knock on wood) so that’s exciting! I already bought and printed out the pattern and it looks well-planned and fun. Also Dan just requested a pair of gloves with no fingertips, and I need a larger laptop bag for my new Macbook Pro, and everyone always needs socks. So that’s a lot of knitting coming up!

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  1. Pam

    Hi Kara –

    This is not related to this blog, so much, but your email doesn’t show up completely on the contact page. :(

    I just finished llistening to a room with a view, and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it! You did a terrific job. Thanks so much for the many hours that you put in reading and recording it. It was delightful!

    and homestar runner in the stable.. that’s funny!


  2. kara

    Glad you enjoyed Room with a View, Pam! Thanks for letting me know. Gosh, I love that book, and the 1985 movie version is pretty good too.

  3. kara

    P.S. I’ve made finding my email address on the “about” page a little bit easier :)

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