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The Wiz

Tuesday was Henry’s school performance of The Wiz! Henry played the Tinman, and he was just wonderful, singing and dancing and acting and everything! I was so proud! The whole cast did just great. Henry’s good friends played all the lead roles, and you could tell they were all having a lot of fun together. Tawni was the Wiz, Natalia was Dorothy (she was terribly ill with a fever and sore throat, poor thing), Sam was the Lion and Sierra was the Scarecrow. I forgot to take my camera, but I hope to get some photos from *someone* eventually… until then, here’s a photo of Henry in costume. We decorated the shoes and pants with chrome duct tape, the hat was a dollar at Target right before New Year’s Eve, and he has a glittery shirt on under the jacket. For the performance he skipped the hat but had really great make-up — silver face paint and dark lips and a drawn-on jaw hinge.


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  1. Kirsten

    Hey Kayray! I had no idea that Henry was doing the Wiz… we did that at my school three years ago. I wish I could have seen him in it! I know all the songs by heart, we could have sung them together ;-) Send him love from me and tell him congratulations! And please send pictures when/if you get them!

  2. kara

    Heh, that show was a year ago… Henry was great, a VERY stylish Tinman! I just checked my flickr and I can’t find any photos from that show, so I guess I never got any. Oh well!

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